Many people have told me that I am the computer-whisperer. As someone who often has become the “go-to” person among my immediate and extended family as well as my friends and co-workers, when there is a computer problem that people can’t solve, they usually call me. Sometimes it’s a computer, sometimes it’s a phone […]

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I was leading a seminar yesterday on real estate fundamentals and was really struck by the level of thinking that I heard from agents. In the mind of most agents I spoke to was “what do I need to do to find a good lead” or “I want to do 15 transactions this year –


Time Management

I often hear, “Pablo I would love to do that… I just don’t have time.”  Or “There aren’t enough hours in the day!”… or “I need a cloning machine so I can make another me – so I can get everything done!” Do any of these sound familiar? If you find yourself time-challenged, think about

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