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Top-Producing Agents who are passionate about showing other Agents everything we did to sell 50, 75, and over 100 homes per year!

We offer real estate training for local and international agents. Our live training is interactive and incorporates the techniques and skills we used to sell over 100 homes a year in our peak years. Having sold at a high level for years, we enjoy passing along our knowledge to help other agents increase their business and improve their personal lives. The best way to start with Agent Upgrade is to attend our LIVE training events which happen every Tuesday of the month. 

Who are we?

Pablo Galvez and his wife are top-producing real estate agents based in Calgary, Canada. Averaging over 70 transactions a year, they are now passionate about sharing their knowledge with the rest of the real estate industry. Pablo has developed systems, checklists, and processes to streamline their business so they can work less and sell more. Through years of coaching and training, they have worked to improve their sales skills while tracking their numbers.

“By helping others improve their business and personal lives, we are rewarded by being surrounded by successful agents.” – Pablo Galvez

Join our community of agents today and learn how constant learning and improvement are the keys to success in real estate.

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Learn from top producers about various subjects in Real Estate, designed to elevate your mindset, skills and develop your activities.

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Engage in our community with other like-minded individuals who are looking to scale their production and results.


Simone is recognized as an industry leader in real estate and is a Top-Producer that is focused on supporting agent growth while empowering them to elevate their production and unlock their greatness!

We are providing free access to Agent Upgrade PLUS+ Courses to every member of Simone’s group. Not sure how to get your free access? Reach out to [email protected]

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