I was leading a seminar yesterday on real estate fundamentals and was really struck by the level of thinking that I heard from agents. In the mind of most agents I spoke to was “what do I need to do to find a good lead” or “I want to do 15 transactions this year – but I don’t have a business plan, do I need one?”. I get it. As real estate agents, we are only given education on how to stay out of trouble, not on how to do business planning and sales training.

The issue is this… if you are thinking small (and almost everyone I meet does) then you aren’t seeing the potential that is inside of yourself. If you’re thinking small you can’t even imagine yourself as a top-producing agent living a lifestyle beyond most people’s dreams.

If your goal in real estate is to sell 12, 15, or even 18 homes a year… or your goal is just to maintain what you’re doing so you can pay the bills and not have to go get a job – then we have some work to do! My aim for Agent Upgrade is to challenge every real estate agent to be thinking about their career when they are consistently selling 50, 75, or 100+ transactions each year.

First of all, I want you to do a little exercise for me… write down, on a blank sheet of paper, your average commission. If you don’t know, just use the market average based on the average selling price.  Now multiply that number by 50 – what do you get? Multiply it by 75 – what do you get? And multiply it by 100… what kind of income is possible for you if you were to sell 50, 75, 100 homes a year? Now, if you had this type of income what would that allow you to do? Would you upgrade your house? Your vehicle? Your family vacations? Would it allow your spouse to quit their job? Would it provide a completely different life than you have right now? Could you do it? You can if you think big!

Thinking big is about not just looking at the present and seeing what needs to be done today, for example, or this week, but what has to happen every day in order for me to get to a much, much higher level of production than I am in right now. What would I be willing to do to earn the income I am capable of if I sold 100 homes a year? What activities would I need to participate in daily/monthly/annually in order to achieve this type of production? Stick around… that’s exactly what we are going to show you with Agent Upgrade!

So start thinking BIG… stop thinking about what you currently do and start thinking about what you SHOULD be doing. Think about the future and start connecting the dots between the future YOU and the activities you’re doing to get there. Keep learning, keep growing, see you next time!